Muslim Baby Names As Muslim Identification

Out of all community in the world, the Muslim community is one of the easiest to identify. Upon meeting or greeting a Muslim, a person can judge him or her immediately whether his or her religion is Islam or not. This is because Muslims have characteristics that differ among others. For girls or females for example, one can immediately recognize them because they are wearing the scarf or for boys or males, they may wear the hat. But for both gender, the most obvious method to recognize a Muslim is by their names that were given to them when they were still babies.

For countries, people are represented by their identification card or passport. In order to know the origin of someone, you will need to see his identification card or passport which sometimes is inappropriate for us to suddenly enquire, unless it is our job. But for Muslim identification, we just need to greet the person and ask for his name, like "Hello sir, may I know your name?", and upon knowing it, we can automatically judge whether he is a Muslim or not.

Muslim names of people in one country may be different to Muslim names from another country. Muslims from some races or certain country would prefer to include words originate from their home country. Example, Abdul Hakim Garuda Nusantara is a name for an Indonesian Muslim, Muhammad Ishaq Khan is a name for Indian Muslim, Yahiya Emerick is a name for American Muslim, Mohammad George is a name of Europian Muslim, Idham Lim is a name for Chinese Muslim and Fatimah Bujang is a name for Malaysian Muslims. Look at how the underline words differs Muslims from their origin. This shows that, besides identification of Muslims, Muslim names may also be use to identify the origin of the person.

Since that Muslim name resembles Islam, it is the responsibility of the bearer to behave as his or her deeds may also resemble Islam just like the name that resembles him. It is the responsibility for Muslims to have good attitude and follow the teachings of Islam. Nowadays, some people fears Islam as they consider Muslim communities as terrorist. This is absolutely not true as Islam is a very beautiful religion which teaches to respect everybody doesn't matter the religion or race. But this resemblance is what happens when we don't have good attitudes or doesn't show others the beauty of Islam. Since that we are bearing a name that resembles our religion, we should always remember that whatever we do, media especially from the west will address us by our religion that is Islam. Don't just take a name for granted, as Muslim names are Muslim identification.