The purpose of this blog - Muslim Baby Names

First of all, as you know, this blog is about Muslim baby names. It provides information about Muslim baby names, suitable, good, nice, unsuitable,
and also meaning to the words. Why did I made this blog- Muslim Baby Names? This is an important question, anything must have a reason. As I went on with life, I met
friends, people and when knowing them, their names got stuck in my head or another word is I memorize them. As of all the names of all the people
I know, I found out that some of their names had meanings which were weird and improper and not suitable for Muslim baby names. Some of the names that I've found out had meanings like
dog's manure, weak, crying etc. This were from the real name and most real names had good meaning, which proof the parent had studied
Muslim baby names before choosing a name for a child. It's just that people usually isn't called by their real names, instead, parents,
relatives, friends gives nickname to others which later on got stuck with the person. Parents usually study Muslim baby names before giving it to their child real names, but a nick name
is usually given according to surroundings of a person. Sometimes, nick names are given upon bad situation and names with bad meanings are given.
This is a bad thing as others usually call a person using their nick name. Usually, what you say is what you pray for. And when you call
someone with a bad word, that someone's attribute or character incline to follow the meaning of the word. As if you and your friend always call
someone stupid, the person would incline to be stupid, or maybe have low in motivation.
So, that’s why I made this Muslim baby names blog, for you
to take guidelines on what to call you baby or some one you know. You can also help correct nick names of somebody you know if you find out
his/ her nick name is improper. Call people around you with good words and InsyaAllah, they'll be good. And when people around you are good, you
and your family will also be good people. So, check out my Muslim baby names list.