May Allah grant union and unity to the whole Muslim world.

And may He do this very soon, insha’Allah. May He bring forth the Mahdi (as). May He bring forth the Prophet Isa (as), insha’Allah. May He hasten his appearance. May He put an end to all strife and devastation in the world and show the world the beauty of Muslim justice and moral virtue.

May Allah join the whole world together in peace, security and brotherhood. May He inspire Muslims to abide by that unity and union, and with a great longing for it. May Allah lead them to strongly avoid division. May Allah cause them to strive day and night with great love and enthusiasm for unity and union. May Allah reward our Palestinian brothers with martyrdom. May He cause them to enter the Hereafter as martyrs. May He cure the sick. May Allah give them patience, fortitude and courage. May Allah turn the oppression of the oppressors on their own heads and neutralize them by clouding their perception, clouding their foresight, clouding their minds, clouding their hearts, binding their strength and binding their tongues. May He eliminate the oppression of the atheist Zionists and atheist Freemasons. May He bring union, unity and brotherhood to the whole Muslim world and cause them to live together in peace insha’Allah. We have entered this very excellent time, insha’Allah. We are in the month of Muharram, insha’Allah. May Allah use this month, with its blessing, as a vehicle. May He never cause us to stray from the path of the Prophet (saas). May He never cause us to stray from the moral values of the Qur’an, insha’Allah. May He grant abundance, peace, courage, moderation, fortitude and resolution in the face of suffering and true virtue to all Muslims insha’Allah.


Prayer by Adnan Oktar. Source : Harun Yahya